Family Law

Family law issues are complex and complicated by emotions that are running high. You need a skilled attorney who is willing to help navigate the legal system but also capable of compassion and caring. At Biederstadt Law, we understand how challenging these issues can be and we offer a range of services to clients across the state of Illinois including:

  • Divorce – including high net worth divorce
  • Prenuptial agreements – to protect both parties from the possibility of a divorce in the future
  • Child support and custody matters – protecting the interests of children and preserving the parent/child relationship
  • Asset division – ensuring a fair division of assets accumulated during a marriage
  • Adoption – helping families navigate the complexities of the adoption process

Family Law
We understand how important it is to keep our clients updated about their cases and through our online portal, you will be able to keep up to date on all motions, correspondence and forms pertaining to your case online. In addition, I’m committed to addressing your concerns by phone whenever necessary. I know it’s not always feasible to talk during office hours; therefore you can count on me to return calls evenings and weekends when necessary. If you need a family law attorney who will be a strong advocate on your behalf, contact Biederstadt Law, P.C. today.