Parental Responsibilities

One of the most challenging, and often contentious, issues a couples may face when contemplating divorceing involves the children of the marriage. Both parents are concerned about their children; their well-being; and what’s best for them in the short and long-term. In all cases, it is best if an agreement can be reached between the parents for a suitable parenting plan, which that includes maintaining a strong relationship with both parents. This permits a family to move forward in the most healthy and amicable manner possible, so that they may begin jointly parenting their children in a cooperative manner.

Child Custody
A divorce is a difficult period of transition for a family and is extremely stressful cause turmoil for adults; yet, this process may have an even greater impact on even more turmoil for the children. Whenever possible, we will strive work hard to reach an amicable agreement for the allocation of parental responsibilities (custody) of the children of a marriage. When it is not possible, the courts may consider appointment of an advocate to conduct an investigation and provide a recommendation to the court in an effort to protect the children.

Illinois law encourages the courts to use a standard of care when determining the allocation of parental responsibilities (custody) issues; specifically, what is in the best interests of the children. The court may call in specialists including mediators, psychologists, a Guardian ad Litem, a Childs Representative, or a 604.10 custody evaluator to conduct a psychological evaluation of the parties and their children. These specialists and others who will may interview the children, parents, any relevant witnesses, may visit the parental homes,. issue reports and recommendations to the court, or even testify at trial. Whether we can find a way to reach an amicable agreement or your child custody case remains contested, we will be prepared to protect your children to the greatest extent the law permits.

Couples in Illinois who are in the midst of divorce or separation must be fully committed to doing what is best for their children. Contact Biederstadt Law, P.C. in Chicago, Illinois to discuss any issues related to the allocation of parental responsibilities or for child custody issues all over Illinois throughout the Chicagoland area, including Cook, DuPage, Will, Lake, Kane and Kendall County.